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  Karin grew up in the Kruger National Park where her father was a game ranger. Throughout the years a variety of strays and orphans from the animal kingdom were temporary members of the family. They also reared an orphaned lion cub, Leo, who was eventually repatriated to the wild.

During her studies at University she was asked by the National Parks to help relocate a orphaned lioness from Kalahari Gemsbok park to a temporary refuge at De Wildt wildlife sanctuary. Having accomplished this she realised that she wanted to spend her life drawing and painting wild animals and started her own study of wildlife art and techniques.

Karin's grandfather, Jamie Uys has produced many films including The Gods Must Be Crazy and Beautiful People. Her mother, Kobie Kruger, wrote The Wilderness family, telling of their life in the Kruger National Park.

Karin has exhibited in South Africa, and auctioned at Christie's, London. Her paintings are widely sought after, both internationally and locally.